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Welcome to Korea Group Tour!

​Time : Monday, 2pm~6pm

Tour Fee : Guide Fee 10$(The admission fee of 3$ ​is not included)

Meeting place : Exit 5, Gyeongbokgung Station(Line 3, Orange Line)


Free Beverage

Discount restaurant shopping

Let's make money

irresistible photo op at the best photo spot!

and party with world friends!


Meeting Time -> Palace -> Blue House -> Folk Village -> National Folk Museum -> Dinner Party(Option)


 Specialized Tour Guide for this section


Tour Guide &Photographer

Happiness is traveling with lovers, family, and friends

Welcome to korea! My name is Seunghan Lee and go with Albert(English Name).
I’m a professional tour guide(English and a little bit of Japanese) and photographer living and working in Seoul. It has been now 10 years that I'm doing everyday tour guide in korea for tourist with photo sessions.