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1 Chocopie (Orion)
Feature : It was sold 16,500,000,000pcs from 1974
Flavor : Original, Banana, Green Tea
Ingredient : Chocolate, Pie, Marshmallow
Retail Price : 6usd / 6pcs


2 Cake Haute (Orion)
Feature : High Class bakery style premium cake in French
Flavor : Soft, Moist and not so sugary
Ingredient : Chocolate, Cacao Mass from Ecuator, Cheese from Denmark
Retail Price : 4usd / 4pcs


3 Chambungeobbang (Orion)
Feature : Fish bakery style premium cake
Flavor : Soft, Moist and not so sugary
Ingredient : Chewy sticky rice cake and sweet red-bean chocolate cream
Retail Price : 2usd / 2pcs


4 Custard (Orion)
Feature : premium Custard cake
Ingredient : Custard, cream
Retail Price : 2usd / 2pcs


5 kkobuk chip (Orion)
Feature : 4 layers new conceptual snack, turtle shell shape
Flavor : crispness
Ingredient : Corn soup, sweet cinnamon, himallayan salt
Retail Price : 6usd / 3pcs


6 Cuttlefish Peanut Ball (Orion)
Feature : Korea's leading snack loved from 1976
Flavor : freshness of the seas and nutty taste of peanuts
Ingredient : well grilled cuttlefish and peanut
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


7 Shrimp Crackers (Nongshim)
Feature :  the snack was loved by customers and became the No. 1 snack brand from 1971
Flavor : Shrimp flavored snack
Ingredient : Mild Rice, Aromatic Shrimp
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


8 Onion Rings (Nongshim)
Feature : Ring shape snack from 1983
Flavor :  savory flavor of onion
Ingredient :   healthy onion and fiber
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


9 Banana Kick (Nongshim)
Feature : In 1978, it was developed for anyone to enjoy the imported fruit, banana.
Flavor :  Tender and sweet banana flavor
Ingredient :  corn snack, scent of banana
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


10 Potato Chip (Nongshim)
Feature : In 1980, the first real potato chip in Korea
Flavor :  the original taste of potato and a pleasant crispy texture
Ingredient :  Fresh potatoes, pure vegetable oil
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


11 Ace Cracker (Haitai)
Best Cracker in korea, Ace
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


12 Homerun Ball Puffs - Choco, Cheese, Cream (Haitai)
Sweet Shoes are full of chocolate
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


13 Red Bean Jelly (Haitai)
Retail Price : 1usd / 1pcs


14 Honey Tong Tong Snack (Haitai)
Sweet potato chips with French butter made after a 12-hour fermentation process
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


15 Matdongsan Peanut Snack (Haitai)
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


16 Sable Biscuit (Haitai)
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


17 Ghana Chocolate (Lotte)
Ghanaian cacao beans and whole milk deliver the rich soft flavor of chocolate
Retail Price : 1usd / 1pcs


18 Lotte Pepero (Lotte)
immensely beloved as long stick chocolate snacks that are fun to munch
Retail Price : 1usd / 1pcs


19 Binch (Lotte)
Smart chocolate biscuits deliver rich chocolate and crunchy biscuits simultaneously. Biscuit on one side, chocolate on the other. Enjoy the crunchiness of biscuits and softness of chocolate
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


20 Kancho choco (Lotte)
Sweet and rich chocolate taste
Retail Price : 1usd / 1pcs


21 Almond Chocoballs (Lotte)Crunchy roasted whole almonds inside luscious chocolate deliver a sweet nutty sensation.
Retail Price : 1usd / 1pcs


22 ZEC Cracker (Lotte)
Classic crackers ZEC have been considered the epitome of crackers since 1994!
Fine crackers with an unforgettably salty, crispy and roasted taste.
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


23 Butter Coconut biscuit (Lotte)
Beloved since 1979, Butter Coconut biscuits are a mouth-watering mix of gentle butter and nutty coconut!
Butter Coconut's sour-cream butter and sweet honey
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


24 Margaret biscuit (Lotte)
Contains peanuts, almonds and nutritional ingredients that are packed with vitamin B, iron, niacin, and dietary fiber--a truly healthy snack.
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


25 Corn snack (Lotte)
crispy texture and nutty taste while wearing them on your fingertips.
Uses sunflower seed oil and essential nutrients for wholesome goodness--a great snack for children
Retail Price : 2usd / 1pcs


26 Mini Honey Chiness Pancake (Lotte)
Rice pancake containing honey cream
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


27 Choco Chip Cookie (Orion)
Feature : superb harmony of cookie and chocolate
Flavor : crunch cookie and sweetness of chocolate
Ingredient : Cookie, Chocolate
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


28 Peanut Crunch (Orion)
Feature : Korea's traditional snack for nobility
Flavor : nutty flavor and crispness
Ingredient : rice crunches, nutty peanut, powdered grains
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


29 Whole Almond Candy (Orion)
Feature : Nutty whole Almonds and Crunch Candy
Flavor : real nutty and sweet flavor
Ingredient : Whole Almond and candy
Retail Price : 3usd / 1pcs


30 Milk Caramel (Orion)
Feature : Authentic caramel that has been loved since 1979
Flavor : rich and mild taste of raw milk, less sticky texture to chew
Ingredient : A grade raw milk
Retail Price : 3usd / 2pcs

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